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To appreciate and express affection towards someone or something.

Close, in proximity.

To put a thread through a needle, generally when knitting.

To exceed something or someone else in popularity or prominence.

Used to emphasise that something is obvious.

To lose popularity.

To organise and celebrate an event.

A feeling of contempt and bitterness towards someone or something.

By Jose Viera

Ready to celebrate International Book Day? April is a great time of year to celebrate books, one of the most cherished means of entertainment in our daily lives… but there’s life beyond our favourite hardbacks!

Whether you’re a hardcore art buff or just a casual admirer, here are some other worldwide festivities that commemorate the beauty of art around the world. Who knows, you might even find some hobbies to take up!

World Theatre Day

We all talk about books, but how often do we see plays? Celebrated on March 27th, World Theatre Day celebrates a form of art that brings literature to life. Even though the main event for the World Theatre Day takes place in a difference country every year, the organisers encourage everyone to look for nearby events and enjoy all forms of drama. Who knows, this might be your chance to discover how theatre can improve your English! Click here if you want to learn more!

World Knit in Public Day

Knitting is often seen as a solitary art – knitters focus all their energy on threading needles and working the fabric, so peace of mind is basically a prerequisite! The aim behind World Knit in Public Day (June 8th), however, is to get knitters from all over the world together through special events. Knitters are expected to bring sweets and pastries to their nearest meeting point, though! Find out more on the official website.

World Letter Writing Day

Created by Richard Simpkin, World Letter Writing Day (September 1st) seeks to revivify this form of communication, now overshadowed by emails and text messages. Though still a relatively unknown project, World Letter Writing Day is gradually becoming more prominent. The idea is mainly for children to write a letter at school, addressing it to a loved one. It goes without saying that we can write letters any day of the year, so check the project’s website to learn how you could contribute!

World Photography Day

Photography is one of those arts that never seems to fall out of fashion, especially given the rise of Instagram in recent years. Celebrated on August 19th, World Photography Day encourages us to go out and take the best pics we can! Everyone loves capturing their memories in a picture, so here’s your chance to plan a special outing and get snapping! Visit its website for further details.

Holi Festivals

Though not exactly a worldwide event, Holi festivals have become popular over the past few years, often coinciding with the arrival of good weather. In India, the festival is commonly held at the end of winter and, even though its main objective is to celebrate love and let go of resentment, it is also a vibrant tribute to colour! Art and love come together in an event that will probably remain popular for many years to come. Learn more on the official website!

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