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Si hay algo que no deja de crecer para ningún hablante es, sin duda, el vocabulario. Nosotros queremos que el tuyo cada vez sea más amplio, ¡y para eso tenemos nuevas expresiones que enseñarte! Presta mucha atención, ¡seguro que las vas a encontrar muy útiles!


A penny for your thoughts

Ever had trouble understanding someone else’s thoughts? We’ve all been there! The expression “a penny for your thoughts” is used when you want to ask the other person what they’re thinking, especially when they’ve been quiet and pensive for a while.

Examples:You don’t seem to be feeling talkative today, a penny for your thoughts!”; “You’re clearly hiding something - a penny for your thoughts!


The ball is in your court

There are situations in which we have to wait for someone else to act: for instance, a project or a legal process. If the ball is in someone’s court, it is their turn to make a move - all you can do is wait!

Examples: The ball is in Jane’s court - we won’t be able to do much until she sends us the documents”; “It is up to you to decide how to proceed. The ball is in your court”.


Hands down

In some cases, we are completely certain about a situation - we have no hesitation whatsoever! “Hands down” is often used as a synonym for “definitely” and emphasises our certainty. It can also be used to intensify superlative structures!

Examples:Larry is hands down the best cook I’ve ever met. His pancakes are to die for!”; “We’re going to win the match hands down!”


Close but no cigar

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re just about to succeed in something… but things go wrong at the last minute? “Close but no cigar” encapsulates that feeling perfectly - now you have an expression to use in those situations!

Examples: “They lost the championship by 2 points - close but no cigar; “It was close but no cigar for Cindy - we thought she was going to win!”

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