Talk about everything and nothing

From small talk to meaningful conversations. It’s time to chat.

Las mejores conversaciones surgen de los lugares más insospechados. A veces empiezas hablando del tiempo y terminas confesando tus miedos, y otras algo muy serio se transforma en tonterías por las que no puedes parar de reír. En What’s Up! nos encanta hablar. Sea cual sea el tema de conversación, siempre tenemos algo que aportar. Si eres de los nuestros, seguro que disfrutas a tope en nuestras clases de Chat with a Teacher.

En nuestro Social Club nos encanta sentirnos como en casa. Charlar con amigos es algo muy cuotidiano que en What’s Up! se convierte en clase.

Pero… ¿qué clase tertuliano eres tú? ¿De los que abren su corazón en cada conversación o de los expertos en small talk? ¡Descúbrelo con nuestro test!

How much of a chatterbox are you?

Read the following questions and choose whatever answer describes you best. Take note of the result on a piece of paper!

1. When you are in a lift with strangers you…
a) Remain quiet.
b) Make a brief comment about the weather.
c) Ask them about their weekend.

2. If someone asks you about your love life you…
a) Avoid answering by asking back.
b) Make a fun joke about it and change the subject.
c) Get engaged in a conversation about love and life.

3. Your auntie makes an incorrect statement about a subject you know well. You…
a) Ignore her and smile.
b) Change the subject so she can talk about something without making a fool of herself.
c) Correct her and spend the evening trying to change her mind.

4. A tourist asks you where the nearest metro station is. You say:
a) “I don’t speak English” and runaway.
b) “Go straight on for three streets, it’ll be on the left corner” and leave.
c) “I’m going that direction! Let me walk you there” and have a conversation about their holiday.

5. You feel comfortable talking about…
a) Absolutely nothing. Silence is cool.
b) The weather, the traffic and how good your weekend was.
c) The insignificance of our existence in the universe.

6. When you see a What’s Up! teacher you…
a) Force yourself to speak, so you can practice English.
b) Keep it cool by asking them about their family.
c) Can’t help but talk about everything.

7. People think you are…
a) Quiet, mysterious and reliable.
b) Nice, polite and straightforward.
c) Outgoing, interesting and trustworthy.

Majority A – A bit shy?

It is a miracle you are part of What’s Up! It feels like you don’t like any type of social contact. Nevertheless, you are making an effort so you can finally speak English and we respect you for that. Keep coming to the academy, it’ll help you in all aspects of life.

Majority B – Small talk master

You don’t like engaging in meaningful conversation: call it shyness or call it being reserved. But what you sure are is a small talk master! You can chat about anything as long as you don’t get too deep in the conversation. Keep it up!

Majority C – Biggest chatterbox ever

Don’t you love talking? You love speaking about deep topics with your family and friends, and enjoy discovering more from strangers and acquaintances. You just can’t stop! But, most importantly, you have wonderful conversations, and for that, we love you.

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