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La estrella de este mes será nuestra Christmas party, pero hay vida más allá del espumillón y el turrón, y Diciembre viene cargado de actividades para todos los gustos, así que escoge actividad y vente a What’s Up! En tu planning también encontraras nuestras sesiones mensuales de Weekend Kickoff, Las Mornings y Afterwork! ¡Ah! Recuerda que puedes traer a todos los amigos que quieras, así os lo pasáis todos en grande sin dejar de aprender inglés. Everybody wins!

December 4th

Ever wanted to feel like a MasterChef contestant in front of a mystery box? The time has come to tick that off your list! Come to our new edition of the Cooking Club and have fun while practicing your English. You’ll eat what you’ll prepare, so it’s totally worth it!

December 12th

It might not be that common in our country anymore, but sending and giving cards in the English world is very usual and a thing they take very seriously. Why don’t you come down and get crafty with us? It’s such a beautiful tradition to pick up!

December 19th

We just love the 70s! With a Flower Power party happening in mid 2019, we couldn’t help ourselves and have a Music Madness activity about the 70s, so we don’t have to wait that long to get our groove on. Get ready to sing, dance and practice your English!

December 28th

Time to travel again, and this time we are headed to North America! Who’s coming? You’ll discover some facts through a true or false game and will discover your next suggested destination thanks to our travelers test. You can’t miss it!

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