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Este mes estamos súper contentos ¡Esto sí que nos hace ilusión! Algunos de vosotros nos habéis hecho llegar textos que habéis escrito en clase, y leer vuestras creaciones es de lo mejorcito de este mes. Además… ¡participar tiene premio! Sigue leyendo para enterarte de quién es el alumno del mes que se lleva a casa un regalito, así, ¡por su cara bonita!

The adventures of Daisy

Once upon a time, there was a bee named Daisy, she lived in a wonderful flower where she had been raised.
She lives on a hill and has been flying around ever since she was born, she loves it. One day, when the sun was rising, she saw a handsome fox, it was Robin Hood. Daisy immediately fell in love with Robin. When the night came, she saw a shooting star in the sky and she asked for a dream to go abroad to the nearest flower next to her true love.
But suddenly, she figured out everything was a beautiful dream.

Lucía de la Puente Ranea & Beatriz Fernández Ortiz

WUp! Fuencarral


Boo was the cute girl from the movie Monsters Inc. Boo rose to the top of her career with this movie. Who remembers that cute girl from the movie? She is 30 now. In the last few years she has been getting fatter and fatter. That’s why she hasn’t been getting any new movie parts.
One day she received an important letter that would change her life. Andy, the boy from Toy Story sent a letter to Boo asking her to marry him. When she read the letter she felt very sad because she thought that Andy wouldn’t recognize her now. This was the moment to be up for doing some exercise and changing her life.
Finally they didn’t get married because Andy was gay.

Paula Castro Cinta & Rocio Moreno Font
What's Up! Fuencarral

And the students of the month are… Alia Shafiq and Natalia González! You’ve won a cup from our What’s Up! limited edition each!

Squirt the turtle
Scientists have been studying why turtles go through the ocean for spawn. In the last 2 years the tide has been rising and they want to find out if the turtles have been affected. They decided to study turtles after they saw the movie “Finding Nemo”. The turtle character, Squirt, from the movie was an inspiration to them.

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