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To arrange or plan an event for a specific time.

Things that you can do well.

Given as a prize for something.

The special person in your life.

An electric kitchen appliance for heating food.

Febrero será el mes más corto del año, ¡pero viene cargado de actividades exactamente igual que todos los demás! Para asegurarnos de que aprender inglés sea lo más divertido de tu jornada, hemos preparado unas actividades especiales que te van a asegurar practicar la lengua de Shakespeare sin parar mientras te lo pasas en grande con tus compañeros y amigos: recuerda que puedes traer a los tuyos a nuestras actividades para que todos practiquéis inglés juntos.

Como siempre, también encontrarás en tu Schedule a class las ya habituales Afterwork, Kickoff y Las Mornings.

February 8th

Who is your centre’s tapas master? Bring your best creation and put your skills to the test as you compete against other students to be awarded the title of ‘best tapa cook’ at your What’s Up! centre. Join us for good food and amazing company!

February 14th

This typical American holiday is unmissable! We’ve prepared a fun speed dating activity to celebrate this special day for lovers! But do not worry, if you have already found your significant other you can come along just to laugh and have a good time. See you there, cupids!

February 21st

We are continuing our tour of the World from the safety of the Social Club, and this time we’re visiting Africa. Come to learn more about this incredible continent and make sure to share your experience if you have already been there.

February 28th

Did you know you can cook a delicious and easy menu with only the help of a microwave? Well, it is more than possible and we can’t wait for you to discover how healthy this way of cooking is. The taste is amazing too, so make sure to sign up!

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