Weddings: the ultimate
expression of love

February is love month, and there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding!

A solemn promise.


Relating to wedding ceremonies.

A very tall building, like the Empire State or the Rockefeller centre.

The place when an organised event happens.

Showing too much curiosity and wanting to intervene.

Without showing your emotions or expressing your thoughts.

Being excessively proud and talking too much without letting others speak.

There’s a difference of a generation.

To get very drunk.

To value someone or something too lightly.

By Laura Martín, Content Manager at What's Up! 

Aren’t weddings romantic? While some might argue that they are too stressful and filled with formalities, one thing is clear: there’s nothing like two people exchanging vows and promising to love each other forever. Whether you believe in marriage or not, there’s something sentimental about weddings that just makes us sigh and dream about love. If you are a love-Grinch I’m afraid this article is not for you, but if you are getting married in 2020, attending a wedding as a guest soon or simply in love with everything bridal, keep reading!

A wedding starts with a magical proposal. What’s good about them is that they are so unique to the couple that what one might think is a horrible way to propose may be perfect for someone else. It doesn’t matter how it was, who proposed or how beautiful the ring was - it will surely make a nice story to tell. From proposing on the top of a skyscraper in New York, to helicopter rides, baseball games, a flashmob, during a romantic dinner or whilst watching a movie at home: they are all great ways to propose.

After that, the frenzy begins. No kidding. Organising a wedding is hard work: ceremony location, reception venue, catering, live music, DJ, cake, photographer, dress, suit, decoration, invitations, favours for the guests, transport, hair and make up... The list is long and the competition is high. Depending on where you want to get married, the place you’d like to have the reception, the vendors you want to hire and your preferred date, you’d better be ready to fight for what you want and move fast, as other brides and grooms will be working to get their hands on what you always dreamt of. You also have to be ready to justify your choices to nosey family members, have arguments about those family members you don’t want to invite but your mum is forcing you to and to stoically listen to people bragging about what a wedding should be like and how amazing theirs was. A piece of advice? Do as you please!

If you have been invited to a wedding: embrace it! If you are friends with the couple or one of the parties, this is a great opportunity to celebrate an important day of their lives. They have prepared everything with lots of love for you to enjoy, so take a step back and appreciate the effort. If you happen to be one of those who get invited because you are friends of the bride’s mother or a third cousin once removed, well, you won’t be enjoying it as much. You aren’t as attached to the couple as others might be, but you can still have fun, meet new people and get wasted. And pray the wedding is not taking place a two-hour drive away and finishing at three in the morning.


No kidding. Organising a wedding is hard work

Something else guests are aware of but don’t really know is how expensive weddings are. And yes, you got an invitation and no, you are not responsible for the expensive choices the happy couple made. But unless you are giving them a cheque with lots of zeros on it, don’t even think that you paid for what you ate and enjoyed during the wedding. Whatever you have in mind that a wedding might cost, multiply it by three. Still, you were invited, you are important to the couple, so be pleased about that, feel happy for them and don’t take things for granted.

And last but not least: if you love weddings but are not invited to one or getting married… well, be happy too! Your time will come to enjoy that day either as a protagonist or a guest. In the meantime, dream about how you would like your wedding day to be and, most importantly, think about the person who you would like to spend the rest of your life with. The wedding is just a fun day; your project together is what’s important.

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