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Después de las fiestas parece que este mes se nos va a hacer muy cuesta arriba, pero con los eventos que te traemos ¡te va a pasar volando! Este mes practicaremos presentaciones orales, comprensión auditiva y lectora, y además aprenderás un montón de vocabulario sin dejar de practicar tu conversación. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

Toma nota de todas las actividades y tampoco no te pierdas las habituales Las Morning, Kickoff y Afterwork.

January 4th

This civilisation is pretty popular nowadays with the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrock and Bjorn Ironside airing on TV, but what do you really know about the Vikings? Yes, they did raid England and used axes in battle, but there’s more than meets the eye. You’ll love this activity whether you like History or not!

January 9th

Watching a movie can be challenging, but you will surely survive a short TV show. This month we’ll be watching “Everything Sucks”, and we are sure the event won’t suck at all. Join us to practice your listening skills and compete against other teams with a comprehension quiz.

January 17th

Are you a good baker? Are your creations as good as those of Jordi Roca? It doesn’t really matter! Bake something nice (cookies, cakes, brownies... whatever you’d like) and bring it to the baking contest... Whose will win?

January 23rd

There’s something about 80s music that makes you want to dance! We are revisiting the decade through music in this event you just can’t miss. We promise you’ll have fun and will look forward to the next Music Madness event!

January 31st

Our sweetest tasting is here! Black, white, with milk, with chunks... we just adore chocolate. Make sure you don’t miss this one if you want to become an expert. We’ll teach you some vocabulary to make sure you are able to say something more than ‘mmhh’ and ‘yummy’. See you there!

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