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Get lost in Stockholm, a Scandinavian metropolis

A short, often improvised holiday trip.

Undoubtedly, by far.

Old-fashioned in a way that makes it attractive.

Busy, chaotic.

To visit interesting places and landmarks in a city.

To be unable to enjoy something.

A special product or food from a particular place that is always very good.

Causing drastically different opinions.

By José Viera

Looking for new places for a weekend getaway? Already planning your summer holidays? Either way, you may think of visiting close destinations such as Paris or London, but have you ever been further up north? If you’re looking for an adventure that combines cosmopolitan landmarks, lots of history and beautiful sailing trips, Stockholm might be your dream destination. Read on to discover what you can do in one of the northernmost cities of Europe!
(Special thanks to my friend Neri, whose expertise has proved instrumental in the creation of this article. If you want to learn more about Sweden from a personal perspective, follow her on Instagram: @mividaensuecia).



The city of Stockholm extends across fourteen islands, and Djugården is hands down one of its most popular destinations! A popular landmark is the Vasa Museum, which displays a 17th century-warship that, despite sinking almost immediately, has remained almost intact thanks to the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. Other popular places include Skansen, where traditional Swedish culture is exhibited along with the country’s wildlife, or the ABBA museum, a must for all pop music lovers!



Located on the island of the same name, Södermalm is often regarded as the ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ area in Stockholm. What used to be a working-class district is now a place full of quaint houses, cultural events and lovely cafés where we can have fika (Swedish for ‘coffee break,’ a tradition which normally involves pastries). Another popular area in Södermalm is SoFo, an area known for its clothes shops, ranging from the latest fashion trends to second-hand clothing. You’d better get ready for a fun but hectic visit!



Gamla Stan

Known as the old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is characterised by its mixture of medieval and Renaissance architecture, which makes it a perfect spot for those who love to go sightseeing. Gamla Stan is also home to a wide array of historical landmarks, including the Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and Kungliga slottet, Sweden’s Royal Palace. Definitely a key stop if you want to immerse yourself in Swedish history!



Art on the move!

Given Stockholm’s peculiar nature as a city spread across islands, ferries constitute a popular means of transport that tourists cannot miss out on. Needless to say, there is also room for more traditional ways of moving around the city, but even the metro has something special to offer! Many stations boast sophisticated design and even paintings, it’s as if you were visiting a museum. We advise you to get a day ticket and go on a tour of the different stations. You’ll be surprised by how creative Stockholm can be!



Thriving gastronomy

Aside from the previously mentioned fika, we can enjoy many other specialities in the city! We are all familiar with Swedish meatballs, but the guys from Meatballs for the People take this idea to a whole new level – there, you will find many dishes with a common, defining trait: meatballs of all sorts (not just the stereotypically Swedish type). Fish is also a key part of Swedish gastronomy, heavily featuring salmon or, if you’re looking for a stronger flavours, surströmming, a dish known for causing polarising reactions among visitors.

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