January comes
filled with events

Start 2020 with a great selection of special events!

After the holidays it might feel like your life is lacking some joy and shimmering lights, but worry not! At What’s Up! we need no reason to celebrate and we have planned amazing events for the month. We can’t wait for you to enjoy them.
So keep reading and choose at least one to fully embrace the English Revolution. We’ve got something for everyone and every taste! Remember to sign up on the eCampus and bring your friends and family.


Back in time: Japan

Friday, January 3rd 2020

Who isn’t in love with Japan? Whether you are into manga, sushi or bonsai trees, this civilisation is really cool, but what do you really know about ancient Japan? Yes, there were Samurai and Geishas, but there is way more to discover about the origins of this incredible country. You’ll love this activity whether you like history or not!


Cooking Club: Tuna cake

Wednesday, January 8th 2020

Are you a home cook or more like a disaster cook? It doesn’t matter! We’ll be preparing a very simple yet delicious dish, one even kids could prepare. Get ready to add this basic dish to your cooking book and come down to What’s Up! to practise some English and improve your skills in the kitchen.


Video Club: New Girl

Wednesday, January 15th 2020

Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Jess is looking for a new home! Will she find it in an all-male apartment with a spare room? Find out with us in this new edition of Video Club, where you’ll have a nice time with your classmates and teacher discussing the episode afterwards.


Baking Club: Cupcake Decoration

Tuesday, January 21st 2020

Being able to make a nice swirl with buttercream is rather complicated. In this workshop we’ll learn how to prepare a nice cupcake frosting and some tricks to decorate the muffins to perfection. Get ready for a sugar rush and an amazing time practising English!

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