June special

Mark these dates on your calendar!

Este mes viene cargadito de actividades de lo más interesantes para dar la bienvenida al calorcito de una manera muy especial. Tenemos algo para todos los gustos: Video Club ideal para seriéfilos, para los que quieran una copa sofisticada haremos cocktails en Raise your Glass, si lo tuyo es degustar te gustará Beer Tasting y si buscas algo más cultural no te puedes perder Back in Time: The Egyptians.

Como siempre, también encontrarás en tu Schedule a class las ya habituales Afterwork, Kickoff y Las Mornings. ¡No te lo pierdas!

June 5th

These days it’s hot enough to have a drink at any time, so if you want to improve your cocktail making skills, make sure to come down to your What’s Up! academy and learn how to prepare some delicious concoctions. You won’t regret it!

June 12th

“The Big Bang Theory” might have just aired its last episode, but if you are a fan of the show, you are now ready to get to know one of its characters a lot better. Sheldon Cooper’s childhood in Texas has its own show, and we’ll watch it and talk about it together. The popcorn is on us!

June 18th

Feeling like learning some history? It’s never too late to learn a bit more about one of the biggest civilisations ever! The Egyptians will be the stars of this edition of Back in Time. Come down if you want to beat everyone else in the history rounds of Quiz Show.

June 27th

Nothing better than a glass of cold beer on a warm day! If you want to learn the basics of beer tasting, join us for a great session! We’ll be comparing four types of beers and we’ll learn lots of vocabulary along the way. Nothing can beat this!

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