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As you know The Student Corner is your own space: to give your opinion, tell us your adventures in class, talk to each other… You are the engine that keeps What’s Up! going and we want to know everything about you!

Este mes estamos súper contentos. Hemos recibido textos que students de What's Up! Fuencarral han escrito en clase, y leer vuestras creaciones es de lo mejorcito de este mes.

The H Rap (inspired by a Speak Easy Class)
Henry and his girlfriend. Hilary whom is younger than him. They have a big house in malasaña hood, and his mother has another house in the historical downtown behind Henry and Hilary's house.
Marco Casado WUp! Fuencarral

Couple stages parody newborn shoot with new car part

This news item began with a couple that decided it would be a good idea to have a ‘newborn’ photo shoot. But the photographer was surprised, because the newborn wasn’t a baby, it was a car part. He thought: “If I had known, I wouldn’t have come here”. He just wanted to get it done with, because he thought “they were pulling his leg”. This news went viral around the world: it reached Chicago, Tokyo, and Australia.
A film director had an idea for a cartoon movie, it includes a wolf, a goat and a boy in a small car that will be the newborn.

Marta Rivas & Ana

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