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Some vocabulary to improve your English

Este mes despedimos al invierno y damos la bienvenida a la primavera, la época de las flores, las alergias y la llegada del buen tiempo.
¡Pero que la astenia primaveral no te venza, Whatsupper! Usa el cambio de estación a tu favor y apúntate estas expresiones para sonar como un verdadero nativo en cualquier ocasión.

“Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is so popular right now we couldn’t let this one slip away: this expression refers to tidying up and deep cleaning, but it doesn’t need to only be in springtime! You can use Kondo’s 5 steps or your own cleaning method, of course!
Examples: “It was my husband who spring-cleaned the house, and I’m so happy he did it!” “I gave the bathroom a spring clean this morning... the shower really needed some extra work!”

It refers to someone who’s really good at gardening. They know when to water plants, how to keep them green and healthy and, even when they don’t pay much attention to them, they are still in full bloom.
Examples: “My gran had a green thumb, her swiss cheese plants were huge and beautiful.” “I don’t have a green thumb... I either overwater them or let them dry.”

This is said of those who are very outgoing, socially dynamic and charismatic. They normally have different groups of friends and hop between social occasions, being friendly with everyone.
Examples: “My brother is such a social butterfly, he’s got friends everywhere!” “Last Saturday I was such a social butterfly! I was with 6 different groups of friends.”

‘Busy bees’ are people who are always very busy and active, they always have something to do and put lots of effort and hard work to the task they have in hand, just like bees.
Examples: “I’ve been a busy bee this week: I had to finish 3 different projects!” “Sometimes being a busy bee pays off: I just got promoted!”

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