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Public attention.

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Theatre or comedy based on improvisation.

To obsessively watch episode after episode of a TV program.

Nos encanta tener el Social Club lleno de actividades para todos los gustos; así, venir a socializar mientras practicas inglés resulta todavía más fácil. Este mes hemos preparado algunas de vuestras favoritas para que llenéis vuestra agenda de eventos 100% in English. Recuerda que, a todos ellos, puedes venir con amigos y familiares a quienes les apetezca pasar un buen rato y que, a todos estos eventos, también les sumamos la celebración de St. Patrick’s day, y nuestros ya famosos Afterwork, Kick off y Las Mornings.

March 8th

Time to sing your heart out! What’s Up! Karaoke will arrive March 8th to find the best (and worst) singers in the academy. We’ll sing and dance whilst practicing English. Don’t miss it! A fun time is guaranteed!

March 13th

Do you like snapping some photos now and then? If you’d like to master your photography skills, make sure to come to our workshop. We’ll teach you some tricks and give you some tips to be the best instagrammer ever. See you there!

March 21st

Our Drama Club classes are fantastic, but for those of you who feel like a challenge and really want to test your acting skills, Drama Night is just what you’ve been waiting for. Get ready to improvise and battle other teams… who’ll win the improv fight?

March 28th

If you are into binge watching TV shows on streaming sites and would like some Friends to watch them with in English, come down to What’s Up! and join us for an evening of watching TV and eating popcorn. You won’t regret it!

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