What makes you

Four easy to implement tips to become the best version of yourself

An insecurity, or something you can’t stop thinking about.

Pull hard or suddenly.

(of an image) Edited to appear better than the reality.

Tough and uncompromising.


Session (informal).

To cause a sharp sensation.

To cause a dull pain.


Opinion piece by Rachel Anne Ward, Head of Studies at What’s Up! Delicias

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that everyone has a hang-up about themself. We scrutinise ourselves in the mirror in the mornings, tug and pull at our skin in the bathroom of a club or zoom in on unfavourable parts in photos. My question is NOT why, the answer to that is simple: we are exposed to perfection from every angle, perfect bodies on Instagram, perfect hair and make-up in magazines and most of the time we are comparing ourselves to someone or something that has been airbrushed beyond belief. My question is: how can we change this? I believe I have the answer: stop using the word ‘normal’.

Normal does not exist. There is no normal size, there is no normal hair/eye/skin colour, every single person is different and that’s what makes life so interesting. So here are a few sure fire tips to stop you from comparing yourself to others and set you on your journey to being the confident badass you are when you’re dancing alone in the shower.

1. Write on your mirror!
Positivity can bring out the best in yourself, so why not buy your own marker and write a few words of encouragement on your bathroom mirror. Now when you look into it you are reminded of the power you emit rather than the flaws that you think you possess. Adjectives that describe your best aspects help the most! (e.g Intelligent, powerful, strong, decisive, brave, interesting).

2. Exercise
This doesn’t have to be to lose weight, nor to get toned, but for that feeling of bliss you get after a good sweat sesh - the feeling that comes from endorphins, the ‘pick-me-up’ hormone. Are you feeling angry or frustrated? Go to a boxing class and pound that punching bag until the anger disappears. Are you feeling creative? Go to a dance class and use the movements to expel your excess energy. Are you feeling down or blue? Go for a run in the early morning, when the cold air stings your chest and your muscles ache too much to feel anything else.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people – it’s ineffective. Here are a few examples of helpful and necessary comparisons:

· Comparing doughnut sizes in the bakery window.
· Comparing beer prices at the bar.
· Comparing the sizes of tapas portions.
· Comparing how much you studied on the e-campus with last week.

Outside of this comprehensive list, they are useless. Everyone is on their own journey and travelling at their own pace, don’t beat yourself up for taking extra time in a level, class or job, you’ll get there when you’re meant to.

in your house and as frequently as possible! Get used to the way your body moves and bends and wobbles, and those parts you used to loathe will soon become as much a part of who you are as your own name.

So there you go, four easy to implement tips to grow your confidence and become the best version of yourself. Remember, no one else can be more you than you -and that’s your superpower.

For more on self-love (as well as body and sex positivity) you can listen to the new English language podcast: Move Over Prude, hosted by two Head of Studies in Madrid, first episode available now on Spotify.

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