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We are going old school this month and decided to create some typical magazine word games for you all to enjoy. In May we celebrate International Workers’ Day, so the different games have jobs and work life as the main topic. You’ve got three different puzzles. Choose your level or challenge yourself to do the three of them… You’ll find the solutions here!

Odd one out

Read the following groups of words. They all belong in the same group but one… Identify the odd one!

1. doctor / teacher / butcher / office / vet

2. police station / greengrocer’s / butcher’s / supermarket / fish shop

3. chef / bartender / barista / waiter / customer

4. career / experience / skills / education / interview

Word search

See if you can find the 9 job titles, the words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards!

1. Someone who works in a school
2. Someone who works in a hospital
3. Someone who works with other people’s money
4. Someone who works in a court of law
5. Someone who works in a church
6. Someone who works with film
7. Someone who installs things like toilets and showers
8. Someone who is in charge of other people
9. Someone who helps another person stay organised


2. When you work at least 35 hours a week.
4. An animal care professional.
6. The amount of money you are paid in a year.
7. A statement which describes your abilities usually provided by a former employer.

1. The period of time in which you work.
3. A person who works for an employer.
5. A series of jobs which make up your working life.

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