Take a look at everything we have in store for May


To dance.

A holiday.

People who are in the same group as you.

The best of your abilities.

Si todavía no has ido a algunas de las actividades de nuestro Social Club, este es el momento que estabas esperando para probar las que te faltan. Este mes nuestra selección es fenomenal: repostería, música, viajes y más comida. Recuerda que puedes traer a los tuyos a nuestras actividades para que todos practiquéis inglés juntos.

Como siempre, también encontrarás en tu Schedule a class las ya habituales Afterwork, Kickoff y Las Mornings. ¡No te lo pierdas!

May 8th

It’s safe to say that everyone loves cupcakes! Get yourself down to What’s Up! to have some fun decorating. You’ll be surprised with what scrumptious cupcakes you have by the end of the night. The difficult decision will be whether to eat them at the academy or take them home!

May 16th

Groovy baby! Following the flower power of the swinging 60’s, we celebrate the decade that everyone loves with some of our retro madness. It’s time to get out your colourful clothes and comfortable shoes and prepare to boogie all night.

May 22nd

South America has so much to offer! With flights being more affordable than some years ago, some of you might be interested in going! But maybe you don’t know where to start... Remain calm and come down to find out where you should be going on your next getaway!

May 30th

So, we’ve all eaten countless amounts of tapas in our lives, but can you honestly say yours are the best? If you think you can impress your fellow classmates, then bring your A-game and let’s see what you got.

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