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La tercera edición de nuestro Writing contest ha sido todo un éxito y escoger a los ganadores ha sido todo un reto para nuestro jurado, la editora del What's Up! Magazine y los miembros del equipo de contenidos de What's Up! Aún así han escogido a los cuatro ganadores basándose en su originalidad, su expresión escrita en inglés y su nivel en la academia.

¡Muchas felicidades a Beatriz Medina, Erica Tellez, Rosa Mª Bruña y Natividad Vicente!

Before my love story
Beatriz Medina Gurrea, Level 5, Valencia

A girl opened the door. I was in a long and narrow flat. Crowded. Very crowded. Full of Asian people. Party music. Big balloons. Dim lights. Many candles. Birthday gifts. Two cakes. Some spiral staircase lead to the top floor where there were five canopy beds. Another staircase arrivedat a beautiful terrace where more people were talking in English and drinking beer. I felt out of place, I didn't know how I had gotten there since I didn't know anyone. My acquaintance was a friend of a friend of the birthday boy and after a few beers afterwork, we finished there, in the strangest party of my life. After two hours there, speaking with strange people, I suddenly saw him. A tall boy with blue eyes looked at me sitting in a corner of the room. We smile. I noticed our connection from the distance and without realizing, I stood by his side. And then everything started.

The shadow of darkness
Erica Tellez Caballero, Level 8, Badalona

That night, the rain was beating against the windows. Suddenly, the lights were turned off, the flashes of lightening let me see Emma’s face. She was very scared. A shadow was creeping under the door and we could hear a whisper. I didn’t know what was happening but I was petrified when Emma took my arm and said to me “it is here for me: RUN!” I ran away through the forest and I hid in a little wooden cottage near the river when the shadow hit my head and I fell to the ground. When I woke up, I was bleeding and I felt dizzy. I went back to Emma’s home but she wasn’t there, I never saw her again. I will never know what kind of monster stalked us that night or if it will come back to look for me too.

Uncovered secret
Rosa Maria Bruña, Level 10, Bilbao

After a hard day’s work, it’s time to go to What’s up academy.

I wish I were resting at home, but duty calls.

‘Is anyone here for Speed Networking, level 7 to 12?’

The teacher seems nice and I’m sure he’ll help me enhance my skills. I know I’m in the right place; I’m glad I came.

‘Ok, guys. Today’s topic is gonna be super fun. You have to make negative sentences using the third conditional.’

Wait, WHAT?!!! I think I’ve misunderstood the word NETWORKING...

‘Peter, have you finished your sentence yet?’

‘Yeah, sure: “If I hadn’t been bitten by a radioactive spider, I would never have developed my arachnid superpowers”.’

‘Peter Parker, is that true???’

Well, isn’t this a net-working class? I guess my secret identity as Spiderman is no longer a secret.

Italian Holiday
Natividad Vicente, Level 11, Fuencarral

I remember clearly how irresponsible my parents were when I was a child, just ten years old. Can you believe it? They went away leaving me alone in the middle of a street in a foreign country! I’d say they were trying to abandon me. Yes, the two of them. I’d never expected they would behave like that. And I was supposed to be their beloved child!

It happened in Italy. We were there on holiday enjoying what my parents called its indescribable, outstanding and breath-taking cities and countless pieces of art. Honestly, I found it a drag!

But fortunately, one day on our way back to the hotel we crossed an enormous square where many buskers were performing. My parents felt like watching them and we stopped. God, that was great.

A man caught my attention. He was swallowing swords and daggers. I went crazy over it and couldn’t but fix my gaze on him, open-mouthed.

It was not until the man’s stomach was full and he wasn’t able to eat any more swords that I realised that my parents had taken advantage of the situation and left me. I turned to ask them for some money for the man, and...They were not there. I moved around looking for them. I stared at every man and woman, I started running from busker to busker, but my parents were nowhere, they had vanished into thin air.

I was getting so angry that I stopped looking for them and started looking for a policeman who would punish them and maybe take them to prison. But no policeman was to be found either.

Then, when I was on the verge of bursting out crying, a hand grasped my arm firmly. I looked up anxiously and saw my dad. He was smiling, holding an ice cream and pointing to mum, who was sitting at a bar terrace holding another ice cream and offering it to me. Well, I immediately forgot everything and forgave them. That time I let them get away with it.

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