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The activity of jumping great heights with an elastic rope attached.

To succeed in dealing with a problem.

To confuse two things.


When a plant produces flowers.

¿De qué nos sirve tener una buena base gramatical si después no encontramos la palabra perfecta para comunicar lo que pensamos o sentimos? Os traemos un poco de vocabulario y algunas expresiones que os pueden venir de perlas en algunas situaciones. ¡Toma nota, Whatsupper!

To chicken out

Ever decided not to do something because you were too frightened? Then you’ve chickened out! In English we use this animal, known for running away when you are trying to catch it, to represent the action of refusing to do something because of fear.
Examples: “I was supposed to go bungee jumping last weekend, but I chickened out…”; “You always chicken out, man! You have to overcome the fear and start driving again!”

Wake up

There’s a basic difference between waking up and getting up, and we mix them up sometimes: to wake up is to stop sleeping, gain consciousness and finally open your eyes. To get up is to put a foot on the ground and start your day!
Examples: “I sleep so deeply not even the alarm can wake me up!”; “Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6 so I can catch the 7am train”.

Happy bunny


Sometimes things go our way and we are satisfied, which means we feel like a happy bunny. It is usually used in negative, though, so to not be satisfied: not being a happy bunny.
Examples: “Claire was not a happy bunny when I saw her this morning, something must be wrong…”; “After the meeting where he lost the client, he wasn’t a happy bunny!”.

April showers bring May flowers

Life is hard, that we know. Sometimes bad things happen, but as this expression tells us, rain helps flowers grow and bloom. It doesn’t matter how hard things are now, they will get better and everything will have been worth it!
Examples: “I know that you have lots of work to finish now, but hey! April showers bring May flowers! The trip to Bali is happening right after mid terms!

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