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Tu objetivo es hablar inglés cuanto antes y el nuestro es que lo consigas casi sin darte cuenta. Noviembre viene cargado de actividades y, aparte de Thanksgiving y las ya famosísimas Afterwork, Las Morning y Weekend Kickoff, podrás disfrutar de estos eventos que hemos planificado con mucho cariño. ¿A cuál vas a venir? ¡No te olvides de traer a tus amigos, están invitados! Remember to sign up on the eCampus.

November 7th

If you are a wine lover, you will enjoy this one! Sign up to this tasting experience for the chance to try four different types of wine while learning the key to making the most of a tasting. Whether you’re a veteran sommelier who knows their Bordeaux from their Merlot, or you’re just curious to try something new, don’t miss out!

November 14th

It is a glorious month for foodies, since you will learn how to prepare the marvellous Italian dessert Tiramisú. We’ll provide the ingredients, so we only need you and your cooking skills to ensure the event is a success. If you aren’t a great cook, don’t worry! The recipe is very easy and you’ll get to try it after. Yummy!

November 23rd

We can’t imagine our lives without our phones anymore. Maybe it’s time we think about how much time we spend on them. In this event you’ll be watching a short film that deals with this matter and answering some trivia questions after. The popcorn is on us!

November 30th

Who doesn’t like singing, dancing and putting on a show? At What’s Up! we love a good karaoke night. Come down to your centre for a fun evening with your teachers and classmates.Time for some singing, even if it is out of tune, and to practice English in a unique way.

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