predictions or fictions?

Check out what the stars have in store for you

A discipline which pretends or tries to be a science, but is not.

The characteristics and qualities that an individual person has.

Refers to two things which are not possible to do at the same time, but which are desirable.

To work or plan secretly together.

Involved in something.

To welcome new ideas.

Is attractive to you.

A clever idea, or a meeting where you try to think of a clever idea.

Do you ever look to the stars to help you make important decisions? Millions of people from around the world use the mystical, ancient practice of astrology to make sense of their lives. Critics of astrology claim that it is nothing but a pseudoscience, with no basis in fact, but despite this plenty of people still swear by it. Western astrology is based on the zodiac, an area of the sky full of constellations, planets and moons, which is divided into twelve signs corresponding to the constellations. Each sign has its own personality traits and astrologers make predictions based on the positions of the stars and planets called horoscopes.

So, what could the stars have in store for you on your path to learning English? Do you believe what horoscopes tell you? After many hours diligently checking the sky and its constellations, planets and moons, we have made these horoscopes especially for you:


Jan 21st – Feb 19th

+ clever, friendly
- unpredictable, rebellious

You want to have your cake and eat it too… who doesn’t? You have always been a team player, making sure the people around you are happy, but sometimes pleasing other people limits your own growth. Don’t be afraid to speak out in class or put your hand up. This is the moment to prioritise your own progress and take control of your destiny, you can do it!


Feb 19th – Mar 20th

+ romantic, sensitive
- vague, indecisive

This month brings up great opportunities to express yourself, especially this first week, as your ruler, enchanted Neptune gets in cahoots with expressive Mercury. Make sure you make the most of this chance, take a class which brings out your creative side - maybe Drama Club or Mad About Music?



Mar 21st – Apr 19th

+ generous, adventurous
- selfish, arrogant

They say that an Aries only has two speeds – fast and faster! However, this week you should take the chance to slow down and consider what is going on around you. Sometimes you get too caught up in daily activities to think about your long-term vision. What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? What do you need to do to get there?



Apr 20th – May 20th

+ reliable, determined
- possessive, stubborn

Of course, you are great at giving feedback, but are you so good at receiving it? This month will be highly productive for you, but you need to be receptive to those around you who also want you to succeed (like, for example, your teacher!).



May 21st – June 20th

+ intelligent, curious
- tense, impatient

You won’t be feeling so sociable for the first half of this month, and that’s ok! You are an ideas machine, so embrace that. Take time to focus on yourself and your studies. Get plenty of rest and by the end of the month you’ll be fully charged and ready to take on the world and speak out plenty (of English!).



June 21st – July 22nd

+ loving, protective
- jealous, self-pitying

You can never fake enthusiasm that you aren’t feeling, so this week make sure you find activities to engage in which are perfect for you. That might be a special event which tickles your fancy, or an old favourite which you just love to attend. You know best!



Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd

+ confident, independent
- bossy, authoritarian

Your schedule is packed with events, meetings and classes and you’ve got a million ideas flying around in your head, fantastic! This is a month to collaborate and work with other people, so make sure to choose classes which fit that. Maybe try Speed Networking or one of our open activities.



Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd

+ intelligent, practical
- picky, perfectionist

Last month’s brainstorms showered you with visionary ideas, so this will be a busy month! Make sure you take time to plan out your schedule, and don’t forget about your daily routine – that means practicing English every day!



Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd

+ diplomatic, sociable
- superficial, self-indulgent

Hey! This month you are full of charisma and confidence, so it is your opportunity to try new and exciting things. Meet up with someone you just met, sign up for a new class you’ve never done before or head to one of What’s Up’s great events this month! You won’t regret it.



Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

+ passionate, focused
- secretive, manipulative

This month signals a need for rest, healing and recovery, so don’t push yourself too much. Maybe this could be a chance to make a quiet getaway to a new and relaxing place. Maybe head over to a quiet British seaside town where you can relax, speak a bit of English and, who knows, maybe meet someone?



Nov 22nd – Dec 21st

+ funny, optimistic
- restless, irresponsible

This month gets off to a super social start for you, just how your Sagittarius spirit likes it! It is the time of year to bring friends along to things and create new experiences and bonds. Bring along a companion to one of the What’s Up events this month, they’ll be sure to love it.



Dec 22nd – Jan 19th

+ responsible, calm
- conservative, pessimistic

You have a mission and no one will stop you! Work will be demanding this month, especially before Christmas season. But don’t worry, you will surely make strides that you will be proud to look back on.

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