Grow a moustache!

Say hi to the hairiest month of the year and raise awareness for men’s health.

November doesn’t only mean fall fashion, warm cups of tea and brown leaves. A big community of people patiently wait for this month to come back and celebrate “Movember”. We are sure you’ve heard about it, and you might think it’s only a trend some men follow by growing a moustache, but nothing further from the truth! Keep reading to discover the real meaning of this MOvement.

First things first: What is this about? Movember is an annual event where men all around the world grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. Because, let’s be honest, there are certain topics we never discuss or bring up in conversation. By growing moustaches, you inspire conversation about issues that we don’t talk about but are there nonetheless. You help people become aware of these problems by having them ask you about the hair below your nose. Clever, right?

What about its name?  Mo is a colloquial way of saying moustache in Australia, the place of origin of this movement.To create this specific movement, they changed the beginning of the month’s name to fit the mo. Simple yet very effective.

How can you help?: By joining the campaign, you also participate in different events and help raise funds for different cancer and mental health charities that work together to prevent premature death of men around the world. The campaign takes place within your own community by asking your friends to grow a moustache with you, at work or university and also at the gym or sports clubs, by having specific activities around Mo’s.

The Movember campaign has expanded to other areas, and for the last years November has become a month to raise awareness and funds for other diseases and pathologies such as breast cancer.

People unite in November to fight against illnesses by celebrating life, sharing experiences and growing loving communities. Will you join them? Visit to know how.

A tendency, a popular fashion.

Help people know about a topic by making them interested on it.

To introduce a matter for discussion.

Despite what has just been said or done.

To obtain money to then donate to a charity or organisation.

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