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5 special spots from the ‘Land of Eternal Spring’!

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Very clean, in very good condition.

To impress, to be very good or exciting.

To accurately represent something.

To have its origins in a specific period.

To look similar to something else.

A very good view of a place.

By José Viera, Content Developer at What’s Up!

November has finally arrived and, whether we like it or not, winter is here to stay! It is easy to feel discouraged when the sun goes down early and we must wear multiple layers of clothing… but let’s focus on the bright side of things! Winter is also a great time to fantasise about new, tropical destinations. This month’s Travel Club section takes you to a place where winter is just a word in the dictionary: my homeland, the always warm Canary Islands!

While I am originally from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), one of the best things about the archipelago is that it is fairly easy to travel from one island to another, either by boat or by plane, so I have had plenty of opportunity to visit the rest. Every island has something completely different to offer… so here are some ideas you could consider for a future trip!

Fuerteventura: Land of pristine beaches

Though arid and a bit unwelcoming at first glance, Fuerteventura is home to a wide variety of beaches where the water is simply pristine – it’s as if you were looking at yourself in the mirror! Places such as Corralejo and Playa el Pozo have a reputation for being popular surfing spots, and the beaches from Jandía and Caleta de Fuste are bound to dazzle you with their crystal-clear water and warm sand. My parents used to take me there every summer and, even though I used to feel bored and wanted to go home… I now understand why they love it so much!


La Gomera: Greenery wherever you go

While people tend to associate the Canary Islands with sunny weather and dream-like beaches, the truth is that there is also quite a lot of vegetation – especially on the westernmost islands! La Gomera perfectly encapsulates the idea of a green paradise: though tiny and scarcely inhabited, the island houses the breath-taking Garajonay National Park, a beautiful forest that covers over a tenth of the island. I have always wondered what it must be like to live on one of the greenest islands of the archipelago!


Gran Canaria: An English legacy

For those who want to stay in touch with their English side while on holiday, the city of Las Palmas is home to a history of cultural exchanges with the United Kingdom. Our connection dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when tradesmen from Great Britain would come to the archipelago to trade wineand sugar cane. The link would be renewed in the 19th century, when the archipelago’s tropical weather attracted numerous British patients of tuberculosis. In Las Palmas, English culture lives on in the shape of landmark buildings: places such as the British Club, the Holy Trinity Church and the Leacock House were founded over a century ago and can still be visited.


Lanzarote: An Outer-Space Experience!

Similar to Fuerteventura in terms of aridness, Lanzarote stands out from its fellow islands owing to its crater-ridden surface. Unlike the rest of the archipelago, Lanzarote has retained a volcanic appearance which, in some areas, resembles the moon itself. Such is its outer-space atmosphere that the BBC couldn’t resist filming not one, but two Doctor Who episodes on the island! Lanzarote also boasts caves located inside volcanic tubes, such as the Cueva de los verdes and Jameos del Agua – you don’t get the chance to explore the depths of our planet every day!


Tenerife: Top-notch view

While Tenerife shares many characteristics with the other islands, there is a key aspect that makes it unique: it is the only place from which you can get a proper bird’s eye view of the whole archipelago. The site of the highest mountain in Spain, Teide National Parkis known for its numerous hiking routes, refreshing air and, above all, the amazing views of the different islands. When I was a child, I used to visit the highest mountains in Gran Canaria to contemplate Mount Teide, but nothing compares to the scenery of Tenerife. Simply captivating!

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