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In love with fashion? Practise English whilst getting to know the latest trends!

When it comes to the fashion industry, lots of the information released and the best magazines on the subject are in English. Even though you might try to find all your sources of information in Spanish, why not use your love for clothes to practise some English?

YouTube is filled with amazing content creators who share their passion with the audience in entertaining and informative videos. They obviously give you their take on things, but if you find one you share taste and opinions with, we are sure you’ll love following their channels.

This month we are focusing on Fashion Trends for Autumn / Winter 2019, so we’ll be sharing four different videos with you so you get to know all the trends and decide whose videos you like best! But worry not, before getting into business, let’s focus on some vocabulary you’ll hear repeatedly in these videos, so you can understand it better. The trends, we’ll let them explain!


When we say clothes are wearable we mean they are easy to wear because they are comfortable, acceptable in most social situations, and look attractive in combination with other clothes.


A piece of clothing is a single item of clothing, for example a two piece suit or buying two pieces from a new collection.


The set of clothesyou wear on a particular day for a particular occasion is called an outfit. When we talk about hair, make-up and clothes together, we talk about our “look”.


Any regularly repeated design made from lines, shapes, or colours on fabric is called pattern. The word can be used to talk about behaviour too.


Clothes that suit you and can make you look even better are flattering. Some pieces will be generally flattering, meaning most body types can wear them and look great, and some other will be flattering to some people and look horrible on others.


Think of an outfit with a Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn vibe– that is a classy look. Something stylish and fashionable in an elegant way.


The fashion industry presents new collections twice a year in amazing fashion weeks. The long, narrow stage that models walk along to showcase the designer’s pieces is called the catwalk.

On the high street

On the main street in a city, were all the main clothing stores can be found. We refer to these stores by calling them “high street”, as they normally make clothes for the masses and have affordable prices.


Clothes that belong to a designer’s collection or a luxury brand are referred to as designer clothing. They are expensive pieces that not everyone can afford, butcan act as inspiration for cheaper brands and fashionistas.


We call mismatched to things that don’t normally go together. You can wear mismatched socks (one white and another black) or pair clothes that wouldn’t usually be worn at the same time, like two types of flower patters.

Fashion videos

Autumn / Winter 2019 Fashion trends

If you are looking for the easiest way to get to know the trends, this video features nice looks and the key words for the autumn winter trends will appear on screen:

Is the British accent easier for you to understand? Then we recommend you take a look at this one:

For an American accent and a pretty fun video, this one will help you stay on trend this season:

We would never forget our fashionista men! To get a grasp of this season’s clothing trends for gentlemen, watch this one:

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