Back-to-school movies

5 films you should watch to get ready for school!

A feeling of sadness experienced when our summer holidays are over.

To watch many movies, or episodes of a TV show, in a row.

To write the script (written text) for a movie or TV show.

Of no importance, forgettable.

Strange, uncommon in an interesting way.



A kind of punishment whereby students have to stay at school after classes have finished.

By José Viera, coach at What's Up! Terrassa

Summer is finally coming to a close and, while many people may suffer from the well-known post-holiday blues, the truth is that September is also a perfect time to embark on new projects - the most important goal being, of course, to learn English!

Back when I was a student, I always tried to get in the mood for school by binge-watching movies about the most magical time of year (for nerds, anyway!). Here are five movies every returning student should watch… in English, obviously!

Mean Girls

Sure, Mean Girls may not exactly teach us how to pass exams - but who doesn’t like a bit of drama? Scripted by Tina Fey, Mean Girls takes us through the everyday experiences of new-to-school student Cady, who has just moved to the States -all the way from Africa!-... to find that school life can be as dangerous as a jungle! Cady is bound to find some enemies shortly after the year begins but, fortunately, true friendship will also come her way. Isn’t that what school is all about?


Lifelong nerds Amy and Molly have always taken pride in their academic accomplishments – their future is full of promising opportunities, but their high school life has been rather uneventful so far. When Molly realises that, despite partying and studying way less, many of her classmates have also got into amazing universities, she decides that she needs to party and have fun before she graduates. Molly and Amy then embark on a one-night adventure in search of the perfect party… and love! Will their friendship survive such a change?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Based on Stephen Chbosky’s 1999 novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a beautiful ode to quirky teenagers, and a message of encouragement for those who think outside the box. Having spent a few years in a mental health facility, Charlie returns to high school and, after a rocky start, finds two loyal friends who will stay by his side: Sam and Patrick, both of whom also hide secrets they feel uneasy about. Wallflower reminds us that, whether we are teenagers or adults, we should never let go of the peculiarities that make us who we are.

School of Rock

Music has always been one of those subjects that, despite having lots of potential, tend to be overlooked at school. School of Rock, however, intends to make us change our mind. Rock fanatic, desperate-for-money Dewey Finn gets the chance to become a music teacher at a prep school and, left with no choice to survive, takes on the job: what follows is a crazy adventure during which he forms a rock band with his studentsto audition for the Battle of the Bands, a frenetic music competition. School of Rock emphasises the importance of creativity and art in our education – even when it comes to studying, English, music, literature and cinema play an essential role!

The Breakfast Club

Back when we were children, we all hated the word ‘detention’ - no one wanted to be locked up inside the school while the others had fun… so imagine having to spend a whole Saturday inside the walls of your school! Considered a cult classic, The Breakfast Club tells the story of Claire, Brian, Andrew, John and Allison, five teenagers who, despite being radically different from one another, find a way to bond over school life and, ultimately, their own differences! If you haven’t seen this one… what are you waiting for?

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