Welcome Back Party

Get back on track with English on September 27th

Retomar tus clases de inglés, ya sea por primera vez en años o después de las vacaciones, se merece una celebración por todo lo alto. Así que prepararte porque en What’s Up! vamos a festejar la vuelta a los buenos hábitos con una fiesta cargada de actividades y, como siempre, con premio incluido.

We’ll be celebrating a portion of what our academies have to offer with a ‘back-to-school’ themed Clubs Experience! Drama, Debate, Music and Trivia... All of these to start the English engines in your brains after the summer break. Get ready to compete against other teams to be crowned the winner of the party.

Will you miss it? ¡Que no te lo cuenten, Whatsupper! Sign up on the e-campus as soon as the event gets published. Don’t forget to bring your friends!

See you there!

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