Travel Club: The UK’s best summer festivals

Get out your wellies and camping gear, it’s festival season!

A significant moment in one’s life from childhood to adulthood.

To work a lot.

To destress and relax.

The biggest musicians.

You get something equivalent to what you paid.

A safe place.

The place close to the stage where people dance violently.

A party usually with electronic music.

A type of luxurious camping.

Sleeping on someone’s couch often without prior notice.

A thing that is new to the field in question.

By Elliot Grant, Content Developer at What’s Up!

To many in the UK, summer music festivals are a rite of passage. There’s something quintessentially British about organising all your friends to go sleep in a field, watching music all day and dancing all night.

Some people spend the whole year working their fingers to the bone so that during July and August they can let loose and attend one (or more) of these extravagant events. And of course, they are all different in their own way so read on to find a list of the different festivals on offer this year.

Glastonbury (Pilton, Somerset)

By far the biggest music festival in the UK and all 135,000 tickets usually sell out within 30 minutes. With the best musicians from around the world headlining you really get your money’s worth. In every corner of the festival site there are things to discover - from the wigwam field and the Hare Krishna tent to the left-field stage where you can find poets, politicians and activists. Truly one of the best festivals in Europe.

Boardmasters (Newquay, Cornwall)

This festival in the south west of England is unique as it combines a variety of top-class musicians from around the world with surf, BMX and skateboarding competitions and comedy performances. Putting a lot of effort into sustainability and eco-friendliness, its ethos states that it’s designed for free-spirited adventurous people and to produce a family friendly inclusive haven.

Creamfields (Daresbury, Cheshire)

A 4-day rave and sensory overload hailing the best and latest dance/ electronic music. Everything is geared towards dancing with its selection of shops and makeup stalls to help you stand out in the crowds. A selection of glamping options means you can get the rest you’ll need after partying so hard.

Wireless (Finsbury Park, North London)

For those who can’t get out of London or prefer more “glitzy rap” then this is your best bet. Some of the biggest American and British chart toppers play here. However, this is slightly different as there is no camping so, unless you want to stay at a hotel, call that friend or family member of yours who lives in London and crash on their sofa (everyone has at least one).

We Out Here (Abbots Ripton, Cambridge)

A newcomer to the festival scene this year. This jazz festival has a lot of potential as the genre has seen a revitalisation in recent years. They are calling it the renaissance and have a collection of some of the best in the industry amongst the fresh blood that’s helping bringing it back to the limelight.

Other honourable mentions: Bestival, British Summer Time, RiZE, Reading&Leeds, Green Man, Isle of White, Lattitude, BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Lovebox, Houghton, South West 4, We Are FSTVL, All Points East, TRNSMT, Parklife, Wilderness. To name just a few…

Some final thoughts: If you haven’t ever experienced an outdoor music festival, I completely recommend it. It may not be your cup of tea to camp for a whole week while enjoying the festivities but for those of you who feel this way, there are plenty of options.

Whether you have been to the UK or not, I’m sure you are aware of its reputation of bad weather during summer. Yes, it is true. A complete week without a cloud in the sky is a lot to ask for, but you could get lucky. The thing about these events is not only the music and activities, it is about the experience you share there with people. Even if you go alone it is almost certain that you will find a group that are willing to share their time with you: peace and love all around.

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