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Check out all the interesting conversations we’ve had in ‘The Interview’ this year

Here at What’s Up! Magazine we are all excited about the holiday and what the new academic year will hold for us, but we took the time to look back and check all the amazing interviews we’ve had on these first months of activity.
Take advantage of the quiet time and catch up with all the interviews we’ve had so far!

Cooking it up with Delicious Martha

Meet one of the most popular food bloggers in the country!

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Stitching with Hoops and Expectations

Time to take DIY to a new level thanks to Cristina Alcantara's help

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The Colvin Co: In Full Bloom

The flower revolution blossoming in your hands

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A chat with Silvia Bosch

Discover how social media and communication changed her life

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Up close and personal with Petit

Get to know Joan Castells, the man behind this 'small' musical project

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Drawing cats with Laura Agustí

The artist behind @lalauri talks everyday life, animals and inspiration.

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Writing with Laia Soler

Meet this young and talented author!

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All about Mariona Ribas

The actress tells us all about her projects and career

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Pablo Erroz: Fashion made in Spain for the world

The designer chats about his career and fashion line

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Too much drama with @arteconeme

Get to know the illustrator behind this hot Instagram account

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Travel to New York with ‘La 5th con Bleecker St.’

How Isabel Leyva transformed her passion into her job

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Travelling to the geekiest places

Put a pair of wings to your dreams and travel to fantasy places with Friki Trip

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